OmniaVerse Build

With the OmniaVerse Build platform, you can launch tokens and NFTs on any EVM supported chain in just few clicks. This is the suggested method for smart contract deployment on the Omnia Chain. If you elect to write and deploy manually, please proceed to Manual Smart Contract Deployment.

OmniaVerse Build uses OpenZeppelin's battle tested and secure standard contract library, with no overhead of writing code or hiring a developer.

Simply connect your wallet, select your options, and deploy!


In this example, we'll mint a "Single NFT":

Navigate to the OmniaVerse Build platform at

Connect your wallet

Enter NFT Details, including selecting the image from your device, and click "Next"

Now enter the contract details and click "Deploy"

Wait for Wallet confirmation and then click "Confirm" when your wallet prompts you

To view your NFT contract details, click on the link provided, which will take you to the OmniaVerse Scan

To add your newly minted NFT to your wallet, click on the hyper link in the "Tokens Minted"

Copy the NFT contract address, note the Token ID, and add these to MetaMask. Note: it may take a few minutes for the image to load.

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