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OmniaVerse Game Studio

OmniaVerse offers a diverse and engaging catalog of play-and-earn games that cater to a wide range of player preferences. From high-octane endless runners to strategic third-person shooters, the game library provides players with an array of options to choose from, each offering the potential to earn rewards.

The OmniaVerse Game Studio serves as a creative hub for game development and innovation. It offers developers a platform to design, build, and launch Play and Earn (PaE) games that seamlessly integrate with the OmniaVerse ecosystem. This collaborative environment empowers developers to create captivating and immersive gaming experiences.

Our currently portfolio has more than 30 games (and counting), available on:




Game Launchpad for Independent Game Studios

Our Game Launchpad provides Web3 infrastructure and game distribution to third-party game developers. Rather than competing with other game developers, we’re creating a value chain for ourselves, developers, and our users.

Game Agnostic and Dynamic NFTs

One of the unique features of the OmniaVerse Game Studio is the ability to create game-agnostic assets. These assets can be utilized across multiple games within the OmniaVerse ecosystem, providing developers with greater flexibility, efficiency, and opportunities for cross-game integration.

OmniaVerse introduces a groundbreaking concept of game-agnostic utility NFTs, enhancing the gaming experience and providing users with unparalleled versatility and value across a range of gaming platforms. Powered by the $BLOCK token, these blockchain-based assets transcend the boundaries of individual games, allowing users to access enhanced abilities, cross-game perks, and unique cosmetic items that persist across multiple gaming experiences.

OmniaVerse offers a diverse selection of game-agnostic utility NFTs, each tailored to enrich different aspects of the gaming journey. This list will expand continuously as OmniaVerse adds more games and in-game assets:

NFT Marketplace

The OmniaVerse NFT Marketplace serves as a means for players to buy, trade, or sell their in-game assets with ease and efficiency. Our NFT Marketplace is under development and will be available in Q3 2024.

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