Omnia One

Our mission at OmniaVerse has always been to streamline the world of web3 gaming and make it accessible, enjoyable, and secure. We believe that gamers deserve better. We believe they should truly own their game assets and that they be rewarded for their time. We believe that it shouldn’t be “work” to play web3 games (it should be easy, fun, and seamless).

The OmniaOne GamePass supplements our gas free network and our growing entertainment and gaming portfolio and makes it easier to play and earn.

With Omnia One, new users are easily onboarded into the world of Web3 with simple wallet creation:

  1. Create account: Automatically creates a multi-chain wallet

  2. Create User ID: Syncs to wallet

  3. Play: Access games with User ID to login

Additional Perks for Tier 1 holders:

  1. Special edition NFTs

  2. Early access to new games

  3. Daily engagement rewards

  4. Competitive Leaderboards

  5. Access to Gamers Lounge

  6. Invites to exclusive events and groups

As we grow, we’ll continue to add more games, more options for earning and redeeming, and additional pathways to our ecosystem (e.g. integration into WhatsApp, Discord, and other popular messaging services).

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